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plastic injection mold making
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Product: Hits: 45plastic injection mold making 
Unit Price: 1000.00US$/
Min. Order: 1000
Total Quantity: 1000000
Delivery time: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on 2018-12-22 21:48
 In general, the precision of plastic injection mould making is very important, which has direct impact on the quality and the performance of plastic injection mould. During plastic injection mould making, the selection of reasonable injection mould making process, the effective control of injection mould processing tool, and the powerful control of injection mould shape forming can improve the processing precision of plastic injection mould, thereby improve its working performance.

precision control of plastic injection mould processing
There are many factors influencing precision of injection mould making. Among them, the selection of processing equipment, and the improvement and adjustment of processing methods, etc. all are important.
  • The selection of processing process: For injection mould processing, the precision control is critical. And the processing process selecting has direct influence. Thereby, in the specific processing of injection mould, the reasonable processing process can be selected based on the actual needs of injection mould processing. In the practice operation, the injection mould processing processes that can withstand the practice test have the fitter processing technology, the stamping processing technology, and the lathe processing technology and so on. These processes have their own advantages and disadvantages. So the reasonable processing process should be selected based on the actual needs of injection mould processing and the performance of mould.